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12 Month Loans: Get Payday or Personal Cash Advances

12 month payday loans (up to $1000) and installment loans (up to $3000) are becoming more and more popular. These twelve month payday loans are a way for many people to get their hands on quick and instant cash that lasts for an extended payback period of up to a year. Generally, the loans are geared up for people who are in work and earning but haven't got the required funds to pay upcoming bills.

As well as being popular with salaried individuals, however, the loans are also in demand with people who have poor credit ratings or other credit issues which makes it difficult for them to get everyday loans from high street banks and building societies. This is because the loans are offered without the need for credit checks, poor credit isn't so much of an issue, and more importantly, it is a quick and painless process to get approval. It does not matter whether your credit history involves IVAs, CCJs, arrears, defaults or bankruptcy, with many twelve month payday loan providers, your history is not taken into account and everyone is treated with a clean slate.

Twelve month payday loans are ideal for helping people out of a sticky situation - and their generous payback period of twelve months makes them a popular option. For instance, if you have a broken down car, or you have an appliance that needs fixing and you don't have the funds readily available in your account, a loan like this could see you apply for a small amount of money and be accepted within minutes, with no questions asked. These loans also have the advantage of being available in small amounts.

For instance, you are not forced to take thousands of pounds out on loan if you do not need to. Instead, these loans range from around $100 to $3.000, so if you want only a tiny bit of cash to cover you until you next get paid, that is exactly what you will receive. People also find these loans beneficial because you can do what you want with the cash once it hits your account. The money can be used to pay off other overdue debts and to help pay household and utility bills, or it can come in handy to get products and belongings such as cars and homes repaired. Generally, twelve month payday loans will provide you with instant cash that requires very little fuss to get hold of.